Molly Nece




Molly Nece’s motto in life is to “make a difference by being the difference.” As a creative entrepreneur, motivational speaker and trainer, six-time author, talent development specialist, business coach and consultant, Molly considers herself fortunate to have created a life that equips people in business, non-profits, and education to achieve their goals, grow their passions, lead others, and keep life in perspective.

Molly received her graduate degree in Training and Organizational Development from West Chester University, undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Elementary Education from Gettysburg College, and two certificates– Lean Six Sigma from Villanova University and Mediation from Lakewood College.

Last summer, Molly left West Chester to join the staff at the University of North Carolina Wilmington as their Professional Development Coordinator. As a result, she has enjoyed creating a comprehensive talent development program for over 2,200 employees called the UNCW Dare to Learn Academy.   While Molly is best known by the West Chester community as Molly Sunshine, she recently acquired an additional name of Captain due to her recent move to the shores of Wilmington, NC and expanding her dream by launching the Pirate Leadership Institute.  While the Golden Age may have passed Molly by, today she enjoys equipping and supporting leaders (captains) and teams (crews) in living what she calls “the eight articles to plunder by.”

Molly believes that we all won the lottery of life.  It’s up to us to determine how to spend it.


Re-Righting Pirate History. It Makes All the Difference.

While pirate stories are often written negatively focusing on their wrongness, drunkenness, and flirtatiousness, what would happen if the world became laser focused on what they did right? The eight rules to plunder by will free your mind, set your crew up for success, and shift the way people do business in the 21st century. After all, Steve Jobs once said he’d rather be a pirate than join the navy. Sail ho and learn why this is “it”—the key that unlocks your unfathomable success in business and in life.