Darcie Goldberg




Darcie Goldberg is a professional photographer with over 30 years of experience. Goldberg has traveled extensively which has fueled her strong, award-winning black and white photographs that have been featured in solo exhibitions, as well as in public and private collections.

Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, Goldberg studied photography at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh before going to work for United Press International. After several years of freelance work and teaching black and white film and darkroom technique courses, she completed her Masters in the Creative Arts at Hahnemann University in Philadelphia. She was the Executive Director of the Chester County Art Association for 18 years.

Goldberg continues to pursue her fine art photography, using her specialty–black and white, handmade, silver gelatin prints–to strikingly document her travels to familiar and exotic locations. She was a founding partner as well for The 24/7 Project with ceramic artist Rhoda Kahler. Inspired by recent trips to Cuba, Goldberg plans to pursue documentary and street photography expanding her repertoire by working now with digital images and reproductions, as well as with medium format film and photographs.


One City One World

My “One City, One World” photography piece captures social, historical and cultural moments taking place during 24-hour periods in 7 different east coast cities. Having engaged people, sites and architecture, my work reproduces familiar visual sites, while also arranging them into new conceptual layers that highlight the elements of cities: people, religion, history, jobs, politics, economics, culture and so on.

As I arranged the piece around its central photograph, I returned always to a recurring theme, the consideration of what unites cities and what distinguishes them from one another. The piece is a vivid and extended exploration of whether we can actually make the claim “One City, One World.”