About the 2017 TEDxWestChester Speakers

norman horn tedxwestchester

Norman Horn

Norman Horn is the founder of Coast 2 Coast FTK, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing awareness to pediatric cancer. In 2014, Norman embarked on a 6 ½ months walk across the United States to raise awareness and funding to benefit the pediatric cancer community at Hershey Children’s Hospital. This cross-country trek was deeply transformative for him as a person. Norman will share challenges and surprises he encountered on the road, stories of the people he met, and that if you set out to do good things, the favor will be returned.

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Juliana M. Mosley, Ph.D.

College Officer for Diversity & Inclusion,Chestnut Hill College
Independent Diversity and Higher Education Consultant

Juliana M. Mosley, Ph.D. affectionately called Dr. J. by her students, has served the field of education for 20 years, with the last 18 being dedicated to higher education. Juliana seeks to educate and train people to engage in difficult dialog through cultural humility to make the unconscious conscious. She believes that through conscious consideration, we can be proactive in preparing for and adhering to the inevitable changes in society. Juliana will challenge us to think about our own personal biases and collectively learn to truly embrace, appreciate, and live communally with those who are different from us.

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john noakes tedx westchester2017

John Noakes

Associate Professor of Sociology, Arcadia University

John Noakesscholarly work focuses on the relationship between the state and political dissent. This includes research on the origins of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), FBI surveillance of Hollywood in the 1940s and 1950s, and, most recently, on changes in how police respond to political protests. John will discuss the importance of why having both an active and effective police force, and an oversight of that police force are necessary for a democracy to thrive.

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denise polk tedx westchester 2017

Denise M. Polk, Ph.D.

Professor & Chair
Department of Communication Studies
West Chester University

Denise M. Polk, Ph.D.  has a long-standing belief in sustainable living. She has earned funding from the Environmental Protection Agency for West Chester University to collaborate with the Borough of West Chester to conduct two food scraps pilot programs. To date, the programs have diverted over 400 tons of food scraps from going into the landfill, instead, turning it into compost, a valuable soil amendment. Denise will explore how and why composting and food recovery makes all the difference in local communities and the society at-large.

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Sophia Swartz

Science advocate, March for Science
A coalition of individuals and organizations championing science for the common good

Sophia Swartz is passionate about creating a direct interface between teens, science, and political activism. She believes there are three main attributes which define what it means to be a scientist: creativity, grit, and a growth mindset. By sharing her personal story of how she fell in love with science and breaking it down into three small shifts in attitude, Sophia will demonstrate how everyone possesses the organic ingredients necessary to make these small shifts, defy science stereotypes, and harness our potential to change the world around us.

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2014 TEDxWestChester Videos

Anita Foeman
Using Ancestry DNA to Explore Our Humanness

Dave James
Comedy Has Rhythm?

Erin Clemens
The Natural Rhythm of Stimming

Paul Morgan
How Postmodern Humans Can Wake Up & Find Their Groove

Jennifer Croneberger
Awakening the Rhythm of Awareness

2015 TEDxWestChester Videos

Dr. John R. Gerdy
The Value of the Arts as a Community Investment

Molly Nece
Pirate Leadership: Re-writing and Re-righting History.  It Makes All The Difference

Darie Goldberg
One City One World

Tracy Davidson
Don’t Give Your Life Away

It Makes All the Difference

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