Sophia Swartz


Creativity + Grit + Growth Mindset = Science

Science as a creative outlet to empower teens receives very little recognition, and the idea that teens can make valuable contributions to scientific and political discourse receives even less.

Sophia believes there are three main attributes which define what it means to be a scientist: creativity, grit, and a growth mindset.

By sharing her personal story of how she fell in love with science and breaking it down into three small shifts in attitude, Sophia will demonstrate how everyone possesses the organic ingredients necessary to make these small shifts, defy science stereotypes, and harness our potential to change the world around us.




Sophia Swartz is a senior at Central Bucks High School South. She is passionate about creating a direct interface between teens, science, and political activism through her work with the national March for Science as a speaker, teen organizer, and science blogger.

Additionally, Sophia has won recognition from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, the MIT THINK Scholars Program, the Pennsylvania BioGENEius Competition, Monsanto Company, Wolfram Mathematica, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Science.

Sophia even has a minor planet named after her.

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