Bernard Sweeney


Bernard W. Sweeney, PhD;

Director, President, Senior Research Scientist,
Stroud Water Research Center

Bern Sweeney’s main research interests are the population and community ecology of temperate and tropical rivers, pollution assessment in temperate and tropical streams using macroinvertebrates, the role of streamside forests in the structure and function of stream and river ecosystems.

He received the “National Award of Excellence in Conservation” (USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service 2003), the “Lifetime Achievement Award” (Chesapeake Bay Foundation 2006),the “Margaret Douglas National Medal” (Garden Club of America 2006), the Forest Champion Award (Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay 2013), and was named the “Conservation Individual of the Year for 2014” by the Berks County Conservation District.


Freshwater Crisis: Global Problem with Backyard Solutions

Fresh water has become the most precious natural resource on the planet. All life in our watersheds depend on it and it is a basic ingredient fueling the economic structure of most nations. However, the quantity and quality of fresh water has been compromised on a regional to global scale causing what can be called a freshwater crisis.

This lecture outlines the extent of that crisis but also offers hope in resolving it by merging science, education, and restoration. It is proposed that such a merger can be effective at all scales but is especially powerful if applied in our own backyard.

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April 21, 2016, 6:30pm, doors open at 6:00pm


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